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March Creative Kit

March Creative Kit

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Introducing the March Creation Kit!

The ultimate creativity bundle for endless fun and exploration! Unleash your imagination with our Creation Kit, featuring five engaging activities to spark joy and creativity:

1. **Coffee Playdough with Reptiles and Flowers**: Dive into sensory play with our aromatic coffee-playdough. Mold delightful reptiles and vibrant flowers using our eco-friendly, non-toxic dough. Perfect for stimulating tactile senses and imaginative play.

2. **Friendship Bracelets**: Spread love and connection with our friendship bracelet kit. Create personalized bracelets with glow in the dark threads and charming beads, perfect for expressing friendship and creativity.

3. **Colorable Pot of Gold Puzzle**: Embark on a magical journey with our colorable pot of gold puzzle. Unleash your artistic flair as you color each piece, then assemble them to reveal a shimmering pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. A delightful activity for both children and adults alike.

4. **Spring Recipe**: Celebrate the season of renewal with a fun spring diy recipe included in our kit.

5. **Leprechaun Trap Building Kit**: Gear up for St. Patrick's Day festivities with our leprechaun trap building kit. All the essentials to construct a clever and imaginative trap, complete with colorful decorations and whimsical designs. Let your creativity run wild as you engineer the perfect trap to catch a mischievous leprechaun.

Unleash your creativity and make unforgettable memories with our versatile Creation Kit. Whether you're crafting, creating, or concocting clever traps, there's something for everyone to enjoy!



There are small parts in this kit. Please be advised that young children should create with adult guidance. Due to the hand crafted nature of our products, items may vary slightly from what is seen in the photos

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