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Monthly Creative Kit

Monthly Creative Kit

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Welcome to our monthly Creative Kit, where creativity and imagination bloom! Our kit is designed to delight young minds and families with four enchanting activities.

1. **Sensory Sensation**: Dive into a world of textures and sensations with our sensory activity. Feel the magic as you explore different materials, create special stories and build extraordinary tactile worlds

2. **Colorable Puzzle**: Unleash your artistic flair with our colorable puzzle. Each piece is a canvas waiting for your colorful touch. Once completed, watch the puzzle come to life with vibrant hues.

3. **Crafty Creations**: Let your imagination soar with our craft activity. With the included materials you’ll make extraordinary creations, whether it's crafting a fairy door, decorating magical creatures, or designing a mini garden.

4. **Box Repurposing Adventure**: The fun doesn't end when the activities are done! Repurpose the kit's box into a magical treasure chest, a fairy house, or any imaginative creation your heart desires. Encourage eco-friendly creativity and reduce waste in a whimsical way.

Embark on a journey of creativity, exploration, and wonder with our craft kit. It's more than just a box of activities—it's a gateway to a magical world waiting to be discovered, while also fostering family togetherness and providing moms with a well-deserved moment to savor a hot coffee in peace.


There are small parts in this kit. Please be advised that young children should create with adult guidance. Due to the hand crafted nature of our products, items may vary slightly from what is seen in the photos

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